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REEL - Rethinking electricity.

Video Production.

REEL, committed to climate-positive impact and innovation, recently raised a funding round and aimed to launch purposeful PR initiatives. They sought a video to communicate their mission, vision, and overall reason for existence.

We partnered with REEL to create a compelling video that encapsulated their core values of climate-first actions, innovation, inclusion, and transparency. Our team crafted a narrative that highlighted their commitment to empowering companies in regenerating the planet, fostering an inclusive and innovative work culture, and bringing transparency to the electricity market. The video was designed to be both informative and inspiring, aligning with REEL's forward-thinking ethos.

The final video now prominently features on REEL's about page, effectively communicating their mission and vision to a wider audience. It has become a central piece of their PR initiatives, helping to articulate their purpose and attract further support. The video has been instrumental in showcasing REEL's dedication to positive climate impact, innovative business models, and transparency in the electricity market, reinforcing their position as a leader in the industry.

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