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Hyundai Tucson - No brand campaign.

Campaign, Video Production.
In collaboration with Brandvenue.

Hyundai, in collaboration with Brandvenue, aimed to launch the newly upgraded 2021 Hyundai Tucson, transitioning from a small car to an SUV designed for families. The goal was to generate excitement and showcase the vehicle's new features.

We created two impactful videos. The first featured a mall experience where unknowing passersby interacted with the Tucson, which had its logos covered, providing genuine and unbiased reactions. The second was a spec ad shot in an empty parking lot to highlight the car's sleek design and family-friendly features. These videos were used across Hyundai’s digital platforms, including their official story and website.

The campaign successfully generated buzz and engagement, with the videos enhancing Hyundai’s digital presence. The main video, teaser, and spec ad effectively showcased the Tucson’s upgraded appeal, reaching a wider audience and driving excitement for the new SUV.

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