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Actiforce - Movement begins here.

Conceptualisation, Video Production, Creative Direction.
Malaysia, Germany, Denmark.

Actiforce sought to enhance their brand presence with a corporate video that highlighted their commitment to quality, agility, and transparency. The goal was to showcase their state-of-the-art facilities, both their studio and showroom in Germany, and their newly opened production and warehouse facilities in Malaysia. They wanted to build trust and provide an in-depth introduction to their business and the people behind it.

We created a comprehensive corporate video that encapsulated the essence of Actiforce. Our team captured the vibrant culture and cutting-edge workspace at their German studio and showroom. To authentically represent their production capabilities, we partnered with a local team in Malaysia to film their extensive manufacturing process and warehouse operations. This collaboration allowed us to visually narrate Actiforce's journey from procurement to product distribution, emphasising their commitment to quality and sustainability.

The corporate video successfully portrayed Actiforce's dedication to innovation and excellence. It provided a transparent look into their operations, fostering trust and credibility with their audience. The video highlighted the collaborative spirit within the company and showcased the advanced facilities in both Germany and Malaysia. This strategic content piece enhanced Actiforce's brand image, strengthened relationships with existing partners, and attracted new potential clients by offering a clear and compelling introduction to their business and the people who drive it.

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