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CECG - Accelerating Organisations with Platform Engineering.

Brand strategy, Employer Branding, Video Production, Campaign, Digital Marketing.
London, Cyprus.

CECG, a consultancy specializing in Platform Engineering, Software Delivery, and Cloud Strategy, aimed to boost lead generation and enhance employer branding to attract talent to their London HQ and Cyprus office. They sought to increase their revenue by 20% and this was their first collaboration with an agency for end-to-end services.

We developed a comprehensive strategy, working on two parallel tracks: digital marketing and employer branding. Our team traveled to Cyprus twice for workshops and production.

For digital marketing, we created a full-funnel strategy, producing videos, stills, designs, and whitepapers tailored for various stages of the funnel to increase lead generation.

For employer branding, we crafted engaging content to highlight CECG’s culture and opportunities, including video testimonials and behind-the-scenes footage to attract top talent.

Our integrated approach significantly increased lead generation and attracted high-caliber talent, helping CECG meet their growth targets. The campaign elevated CECG's market presence and positioned them as a leading player in the tech landscape, setting the stage for continued success.

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