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We are Klickbait

We are a Digital marketing agency Enhancing your brands Journey.

Branding & Visual identity

Your brand identity is your company's fingerprint.
We help you harness the influence of strong branding and powerful visual identity to elevate your business above all others.
We help correctly POSITION YOUR BRAND by developing custom tailored BRAND STRATEGIES and MARKETING CAMPAIGNS.

Production & Execution

Content creation is the name of the game. We don't just tell you what to, we can help you make it happen. With years of experience in the video production industry, we will bring your campaign to life on any screen, be it through VIDEO, PHOTOS or GRAPHIC DESIGN.

Omnichannel marketing & Paid Ads

You've just spent a lot of money and sweat on developing and producing a mind-blowing new campaign. We will ensure maximum impact by addressing your TARGET AUDIENCE with the RIGHT APPROACH through the RIGHT CHANNELS.

KLICKBAIT [klik-beyt]

What Clickbait used to be: Get people to click on something but fail to deliver what made them curious about it in the first place.

The new Klickbait: Get people to engage with your content by overdelivering on their expectations.

Our team

Vicente Mac Hansen

Head of Business development & Producer

Jasper Strauch

Head of production & Branding

TOM C. Dux





Brand & STRATEGY Advisor

We've told you our story, let us tell yours

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