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SoundDues - Taking over Helsingør with Jazz.

Video Production.

SOUND DUES aimed to introduce a new jazz event in Elsinore, Denmark, celebrating the culture, community, and lifestyle of jazz. They needed comprehensive video coverage to promote the event and capture its unique essence, serving as a teaser for the major event six months later.

We provided full video coverage of the entire SOUND DUES event. This included creating teaser material, capturing aftermovie footage, conducting interviews with key participants, and producing several social media cutdowns. Our team documented the intimate jazz performances in local shops and cafés as well as the larger ticketed flagship events across the municipality.

The video content effectively showcased the vibrant atmosphere and diverse experiences of SOUND DUES. The teasers generated excitement leading up to the event, while the aftermovie and social media cutdowns captured the community’s enthusiasm and the festival’s success. This comprehensive coverage helped establish SOUND DUES as a significant addition to the international jazz festival circuit, celebrating the lifestyle, culture, and community of jazz in Elsinore.

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