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IMAP HQ - A global M&A powerhouse.

Global Digital Marketing Strategy, Strategic Consultancy, Video Production, Brand Building.
Spain, Germany, France, Brazil, Sweden.

IMAP Global aimed to enhance their digitalisation strategy with stronger, more impactful messaging. They wanted to highlight their deep industry expertise and extensive network of international partners.

Over three years of collaboration, we developed a comprehensive corporate video identity for IMAP Global through multiple digital campaigns. We produced a series of brand videos featuring their German partners, captured the board at their HQ in Spain, and showcased their international partners at conferences in Paris, Stockholm, and Brazil. Our team traveled extensively to ensure we captured the essence of IMAP Global's reach and influence.

We delivered a strategic content overhaul, producing over 50 videos with several partner firms, along with short-form content pieces and full coverage of their networking events. This extensive content production led to increased brand awareness, generated new leads, and attracted new partner firms to join IMAP Global’s partnership. Our ongoing partnership has solidified IMAP Global's digital presence and strengthened their global connections.

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