Hyundai has been most commonly known for producing “cheaper” cars compared to that of their competitors.  However, with Hyundai’s stylish and new improvements on their Tucson-line for 2021, you can more easily compare the new model to a much more luxurious, spacious and more prestige car. We wanted to bring this to the attention of the public in a creative and inclusive way.

Our Solution

In collaboration with Brandvenue, in a private showroom, unknowing members of the public were invited to experience the new car to its fullest. Covering all the Hyundai logos from the car, members were invited to experience the interior and  first being a blind test experiencing.

One more thing

In addition to creating this video for Hyundai, we were given permission to borrow their new car for a full day and showcase its features and robust build in an urban setting. The location we chose was a large empty garage with great lighting. Our production team consisted of videographers, photographers and an FPV drone pilot; all coming together to get the fast pacing and delivery that we wanted.